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How to Properly Care for Winter Garments

By now you’ve probably broken out the sweaters, and maybe even scarves and coats. Do you know how to properly care for these items so they stay in good shape, though? Some winter items need different care than the lighter items you wear in spring and summer. Read on for tips on how to ensure your winter clothes stay in great shape throughout the winter!
• Coats and jackets should be...

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FAQ: What are Those Measurements?

When Dryer Vent Wizard comes to inspect and clean your dryer vents, there’s a lot going on. We aren’t just cleaning all that lint out, and one of our most frequently asked questions during inspections is, “What are you measuring and why?”. What measurements are these? They’re the measurements we take when we’re doing the diagnostic inspection that assesses back pressure and airflow. So, here’s...

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How Much Does Running Your Dryer Cost?

Think about how often you run your dryer each year? Ever wondered just how much doing so costs you? Like many, the thought of how much drying laundry costs has probably crossed your mind at least once, either out of mere curiosity or because you want to figure out how to cut expenses. Well, good news. You actually can figure out how much it costs to dry your clothes each year with the (fairly...

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The Science Behind Drying Your Clothes

Washing machines are excellent at cleaning away all the grime, dirt, and sweat our garments pick up every day, but they do have a drawback. What is it? They return the clean clothes to you soaking wet. That means you have to rid your clothing of a huge amount of water before you can wear them again, which is where your dryer comes in! If you understand a bit of the science behind how drying...

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What’s the Story Behind Lint?

If you know anything about Dryer Vent Wizard, you know we talk about lint A LOT. There’s a good reason for that, too; lint is one of the most likely causes of dryer fires. But what exactly is lint? Yes, it’s that grey-blue stuff you pull from the lint trap, but what is it composed of and why is there always so much of it? We’re here to tell you that and more!
So, a full load of wet...

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